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Investigative Groups


APIAnomalous Phenomena Investigations International (API) - Founded in December 2004, API started out as a Northeast England based team. Due to much interest in the team, as well as other factors, API began to form international branches in California, Florida and Texas in 2007, with more State-side teams in the planning stages. Cindy Nunn, Colin Nunn, Jo Carnegie and Chris Carnegie founded API in the UK. Cindy Nunn and Colin Nunn founded the International teams in the US. API Florida


Berkshire ParanormalBerkshire Paranormal Group - North Adams elite paranormal group.


Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters are based out of Pittsfield Massachusetts and we are a small group of family and friends. We routinely perform investigations in Berkshire County and southern Vermont but will travel wherever needed.


ECTO Paranormal - The Official Website of the East Coast Transcommunication Organization


Fire and Ice

Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida are Haunting Resolutionists. They determine what the issues are, and then make every effort to resolve them. They do this by bridging the gap between spirituality and science; merging mediumship and technology together.


Ghost InvestigationsGhost Investigator - Linda Zimmermann Author & Ghost Investigator. I have encountered many strange things at the sites of murders and suicides, in cemeteries, prisons, abandoned buildings, restaurants and private homes.


Greenville ParanormalGreenville Paranormal Research - We are a small group based in Greenville, Rhode Island. However, our scope is made sizable by being part of the Paranormal United Research Society, a widespread organization of experienced and dedicated paranormal investigators. Our goal is to investigate and document reports of hauntings in private homes, public places or anywhere else they may occur.


Haunted DevonHaunted Devon - Devon UK's own website devoted to the paranormal in Devon and events that occur within or beyond its boundaries. The aim of this website will be to provide you the reader photographic, video or audio evidence in order that you can decide if you "truly believe". Check out our joint adventure's with NEGP at the famous Lizzie Borden house!


Souhegan Paranormal Investigators - Nashua, New Hampshire
"Dedicated to the Research and Development of Paranormal Activity”

The philosophy of the Souhegan Paranormal Investigators is to provide a confidential, scientific, and professional investigation to those who need help in dealing with what is to be believed paranormal activity/behavior or a haunting.


Spirit LIght NetworkSpirit Light Network We consider it part of our mission to share the knowledge we have learned in our many investigations and educate the public on the world of life after death. Every investigation is an opportunity for us to add to our body of knowledge, allowing us to share that knowledge and experience with the public. We are therefore also available for lectures, workshops and discussion groups to bring light and understanding to these important topics.


CPRIThe Center for Paranormal Research & Investigation - a non-profit organization based outside of Richmond,VA. We conduct investigations into the paranormal in a non-metaphysical manner. One of our main goals is to seek out allegedly "haunted locations"* and to assist those who are experiencing problems with the paranormal. We then look for authentic evidence of the paranormal and try to determine if the location is haunted*.




New England CuriositiesNew England Curiosities - Exploring New England's mysterious and fascinating past through storytelling, tours and events giving people the opportunity to experience their surroundings up close and personal. Our offerings are year round, and we are the only company of it's kind in New Hampshire.


NE Lighthouse ToursNew England Lighthouse Tours- Join Jeremy D'Entremont, author of several books and hundreds of articles on lighthouse history, for a van tour of some of New England's most beautiful and historic beacons. A portion of the proceeds from all tours is donated to help lighthouse preservation.


xtrexX-TREX Paranormal Journeys - Join Ron Kolek, founder of New England Ghost Project and co-author of Ghost Chronicles and A Ghost a Day, and Jeremy D'Entremont, founder of New England Lighthouse Tours and author of nine books on maritime history and New England legends, for a journey into the world of the mysterious and unexplained.


Places of Interest


StonehengeAmerica's Stonehenge - one of the oldest megalith sites in the United States. It's origin and development is shrouded in mystery. The site includes a sacrificial alter, a burial chamber, and a working observatory


Ghosts of Gettysburg- Over the years since the battle, stories of scores of sightings, stranger than reality, have emerged from the quaint houses and gentle fields in and around the town of Gettysburg: Stories of sightings of these soldiers, moving again in battle lines, across the fields where they once marched. . . and died; tales of visions through a rip in time into the horrible scene of a Civil War hospital; whispers of a look at men long dead held eternally captive by duty. These apparitions -and more- come back to remind us, in one way or another that they are not to be forgotten for what they did here. . .


CreepyGhosts and Haunted Places of North Carolina --North Carolina has a huge collection of ghost stories, haunted places and creepy goings on and this site is dedicated to finding them, documenting them and displaying them for your web surfing pleasure. So whether you're interested in the Ghost of Lydia the hitchhiker, The Haunted Hammock House or the infamous Devils Tramping Ground, you'll find them here with a lot more.




Vicki MonroeVicki Monroe - Vicki Monroe is considered to be one of the world’s leading psychic mediums whose gifts go far beyond basic spirit messaging to include spiritual counseling, health and wellness counseling, criminal cold case investigation and more.


David WellsDavid Wells - There are those that sit on their bottoms doing nothing about their beliefs, and commenting plenty on the faiths of those around them, and there are those who question and seek proof - so which camp do you fall into?


Divine HealingDivine Healing - Elizabeth Foley's website dedicated to the evolution and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. We are living in a New World, a time that has never been before. It is well known in many circles that there is an unseen world that surrounds us. Elizabeth's mission is to help you with messages from the inhabitants of this world and to teach you to communicate with these divine beings.


AnonaDorothy “Anona” Morgan, a Professional Astrologer with over twenty years of experience, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and Certified Angel Healing Practitioner. She is also a writer; currently writing forecast for her clients, her web site, and also for a number of New Age retail shops and Yoga centers throughout New England.
Naturally Clairvoyant, she has a deep passion for guiding people on their spiritual journeys and life paths, and has a gift for helping others to realize their potential.


Lesley MardenLesley Marden - Lesley Marden is a regular everyday wife and mother who recognized at an early age that she was aware of things that other people couldn’t see.

Lesley is the author of the book Medium, Rare: A First Hand Account of Growing Up Experiencing the Paranormal. She is also a certified Level III Reiki Master Practitioner and has worked as a medium on public and private investigations.


Friends of NEGP


30Oddminutes30 Odd Minutes - Welcome to 30 Odd Minutes... if the truth is out there... 30 Odd Minutes will only find it by sheer accident. One take. 30 minutes live. No editing. Yeah, you can tell. Join your host, Jeff Belanger, as we explore the paranormal through witnesses and experts. Watch the live Internet stream right here Thursday nights at 8 PM, and join us in our live chat room so you can interact with the show, get your questions answered on the air, and communicate with other Oddballs.


The AA-EVPAmerican Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena is a nonprofit educational association that is dedicated to the support of people who are interested in or who are studying Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC). This web site offers examples, techniques and concepts concerning Phenomena.


Felix FilmsFelix Films -We are the ONLY licensed, authorised distributors and manufacturers of Richard Felix DVDs. Our discs are 100% genuine and all autographs and personalised messages are written personally by Richard Felix himself. To download our films and more please visit our sister site


GVGhost Village - The Web's most popular paranormal destination according to and Dedicated to providing ghost research, evidence, and discussion from around the world. We welcome and explore all viewpoints, from the skeptical to the religious, and from the scientific to the metaphysical.


Walking the PathWalking The Path with Dawn & Laura - As we walk together along this path of discovery, we hope you'll join us in talking with metaphysical practitioners, holistic therapists, and lightworkers from many different arenas; teaching souls who uplift and inspire us to live a more spiritually satisfying life.


Other Sites of Interest

All Things New England
All Things New England
- As we travel about New England’s coastline, mountains, and ever changing terrain, we will explore landmarks, re-capture history, and report on things to do and places to stay, shop, or dine.

The Bell Witch Haunting- Forget Stephen King's books, forget the "Poltergeist" movies, and as far as that goes... forget any ghost story you have ever read or seen on TV or at the movies. Truth is more thrilling than fiction.

The BeyondThe Beyond - Website designed to encourage a TRULY, open-minded study of paranormal phenomena with a scientific approach, a spiritual heart, and a little attitude.

This site recommended to us by a student of Sarah, who teaches an occult seminar. This is from a real estate website!

Famous Haunted Houses - Science cannot prove what happens after death. Some believe in the soul and that it separates from the body. In some instances, the soul remains in the physical realm. These disembodied beings are what we call ghosts. No one can be certain precisely where and when a ghost can be spotted, but there are some locations notorious for paranormal activity.


food for the deadFood for the Dead - on the trail of New England's Vampires

Ghosts! Are they real?

The Haunted Dybbuk Box - Here is the story of the haunted wine box, exactly as it appeared on eBay. You form your own opinion.


Hollow Hill - Hollow Hill is one of the Internet’s oldest and most-respected website for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts. Tons of articles, images and information in a new website format.


This site recommended to us by Kyle in Grade 5, whose teacher adds a little "haunting" to her history lessons! Thanks Kyle!

Local Favorites - America's Famous Hauntings - In America, there are countless number of places—hotels, houses and other sites—that are haunted. These famous hauntings have become ingrained to the point that they are part of the history of the country, as well as transcending into other cultures. The supernatural happenings in these haunted locales remains popular up to the present day, mainly due to loyal interest from the general public.

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