From the Files of the New England Ghost Project

Dudley Road: Highway to Hell or Urban Legend?

Legend has it several nuns from a local nunnery were discovered practicing witchcraft. Without a trial they were hung on a nearby tree. The house where they practiced their craft began to slowly sink into the earth.
Late one night an inmate from an insane asylum escaped his captors and fled into the woods... read more>>


Who Let the Dogs Out? A Journey to Dog Town


With autumn approaching, it's time to take advantage of the good weather and do your paranormal investigating out of doors. A great place to go is an abandoned village in Gloucester, Massachusetts strangely named Dog Town. It is an awesome place for a hike and a very interesting place to investigate. . Find out more...


Witch HollowWitch Hollow

The Investigation of Witch Hollow

Tucked away in the woods of a nearby town, lies a 300 year old farm house called Witch Hollow. What is this place? Why such a name? What is that white blob? Find out more...


The Windham Restaurant

Haunted Windham RestaurantFood and "Spirits"

The sign over the door of the Windham Restaurant says “Food & Spirits” and they aren’t kidding! The Windham Restaurant is housed in an old house built around 1812 by The Dinsmore Family. Isaac and then Horace Dinsmore occupied the house for many years, but more importantly who occupies it now? Find out more...


The Phillip Knight House

The Phillip Knight House was built in 1692 by Phillip Knight Sr., who was an active participant in the Salem Witch Trials. Find out more...


Do Ghosts Haunt Mystery Hill??

America's StonehengeAmerica's Stonehenge is one of the oldest megalith sites in North America. But who built this site, why did they abandon it, and more importantly, why is The New England Ghost Project there? Find out more...



NEGP Travels To Derry, New Hampshire

The New England Ghost Project travels to The Pinkerton Farm House, now known as Neet's Restaurant. Owned by George Varrato Sr and named after his muscially gifted wife Anita, it is a warm place to dine with country charm. But why is The Ghost Project there? Find out more...


Ghost of a Chance - NEGP Investigates a New England Cemetery

Tucked away in the woods adjacent to a winding road lies a small cemetery surrounded by an old stone wall. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in town and one of the least known. So why was The New England Ghost Project interested in this cemetery? The legend of course! Find out more...


The Houghton Mansion

Psychic seeks mayor's ghost inside Masonic Temple

The New England Ghost Project travels to North Adams Massachusetts, to locate the ghost inside the Houghton Mansion. Read about how the devil's number made a very interesting appearance...Find out more...

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