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Orinal air date: Saturday, January 16, 2021


Join Ghost Chronicle International’s Steve Parson and Ron Kolek as they host the quintessentially British Paracon with some of the top U.K. experts in the paranormal for a special online event!

This one day event with six different presenters will give you insight into the paranormal from a British point of view and is now available on demand for $20.



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~Steven Scott~
 Prophecy and Second Sight. Seers and Mediums in Scottish Folklore  
~Dylan Jones~
Great British Royal Ghosts. A Gazetteer of Royal Revenants, Haunted Homes and Creepy Castles
~Ann Winsper~
Timeslips. Ghosts, Hallucinations or Something Far Stranger? 
~Barrie John~
The Paranormal through the Eyes of a Medium
~Cal Cooper~
Parapsychology: A Controversial Science? 
~Richard Felix~
What is a Ghost?
~Panel Discussion~

Dr. Cal Cooper - is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), holding postgraduate degrees in psychology, social science research methods and education, from the University of Northampton, Sheffield Hallam University and Manchester Metropolitan University. He has a long time association with the University of Northampton, and is based there as a senior lecturer in psychology, delivering classes and conducting research on Death and Bereavement, Positive Psychology, Human Sexual Behavior, Parapsychology, and Research Methods. He is the author and co-author of Telephone Calls from the Dead, Conversations with Ghosts, and Paracoustics Sound and the Paranormal.

For more information go to: About Me - Dr Callum E Cooper, Research Psychologist, Lecturer, Author

Dr. Ann Winsper - is a ghost hunter and Parapsychologist, and co-founder of Para.Science psychical research and investigation. Ann has been investigating hauntings for nearly 40 years, and has a PhD from the University of Central Lancashire researching the psychology of Electronic Voice Phenomena. Ann is a regular speaker at conferences, giving talks on EVP and the paranormal in general. She most recently appeared on In Search of.

For more information go to: Interview with Ann Winsper of Para.Science - The GHost Portal

Barrie John - A Multi Award Winning TV Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Presenter, Broadcaster, Speaker and Columnist. He has appeared on several television shows, most notably Most Haunted.

For more information go to: Home - Barrie John - International Spiritual Medium

Steven WK Scott - is a lifelong martial artist, shiatsu practitioner, a trained spiritualist platform medium, and is also author, teacher, and instructor in spirituality, personal development, meditation, and body-mind co-ordination.

For more information go to: Steven WK Scott - Spiritualist Medium | Facebook

Richard Felix - is most famous as the Historian for Living TV’s Most Haunted appearing in over 120 episodes. Richard has always been fascinated in history, especially military history with a special interest in disasters e.g. Charge of the Light Brigade, The Alamo, Custer’s Last Stand, and the Titanic.

In 1992 Richard opened The Derby Heritage Centre. (A Tudor Grammar School) with ghosts and this started the origins of the now world famous Derby Ghost Walk. For many years Richard has delivered lectures and talks to Derby University and many Derby Schools, various W I groups, Rotary Clubs and after dinner speeches. He has authored and contributed several books.

For more information go to: Home - Richard Felix % (

Dylan Jones - is a retired police officer and has a wealth of experience investigating spontaneous cases for over 30 years. He has a degree in Media Production and extensive experience working in many radio formats including community, commercial and BBC Radio. As a member of the Society for Psychical Research, the Parapsychological Association and Para.Science, his interests focus on the influence of the media portrayal of the paranormal, developing educational media content related to spontaneous phenomena, as well as the importance of witness testimony and evidence gathering.

He is the creator of the Great British Ghost Tour, Great American Ghost Tour and The Ghost Hunter websites, and a regular contributor to the Ghost Chronicles International radio show. He has presented at various conferences and events in both the UK and the USA, and in 2019 filmed a documentary especially for, and presented two talks at, the 35th Anniversary of Ghostbusters at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. He has just commenced his PhD at Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen) exploring paranormal media portrayals and their influences upon investigators of ghosts and hauntings.

For more information go to: The Ghost Hunter: Dylan Jones

Your Hosts:

Steve Parsons – is a veteran Investigator and Researcher of Ghosts, Hauntings and related human experiences. Author of three books and numerous published articles on ghosts, ghost hunting and related subjects, cited or referenced in many more. A regular speaker at conferences and conventions throughout the UK, Ireland and the USA. In front of camera Presenter and behind the scenes Advisor on numerous paranormal documentary shows for UK and overseas broadcast networks including; The Discovery Network, National Geographic, The BBC, ITV etc. Also Canadian, Japanese and US TV networks. Appeared and advised on popular paranormal 'edutainment' TV shows including Most Haunted, I'm Famous and Frightened & Paranormal Investigation Live. Hosted & co-hosted radio shows for the BBC and other broadcasters. Co-Host of popular international weekly radio show Ghost Chronicles International and Host of weekly radio show.

For more information go to: Steve Parsons (

Ronald Kolek - graduated from Northern Essex Community College and went on to graduate with honors (4.0 in his field of study) with a degree in Environmental Science from Nathaniel Hawthorne College. While working his way through college he was employed by RCA and worked on the space program, specifically the Lunar Excursion Module. After college he went on to work for the Macalister Scientific Division of Raytheon Corporation. He eventually started his own company which designed and manufactured environmental teaching aids for schools and colleges. Fast forward 25 years; while working on a table saw, he cut off and mangled the fingers on his left hand. After a six and half hour operation they were reattached, but he suffered a pulmonary embolism and was rushed into the I.C.U. where he felt he had a near death experience. After this incident he became curious about life after death and began to investigate its possibilities. He soon discovered that even with his scientific background he could not explain some of the experiences he had witnessed on his journey. Thus his career as a paranormal investigator was born. Almost immediately Ron realized he had a story to tell and decided to share his experience via the media. Through the years he has been on and in a multitude of television shows, newscasts, radio shows, newspapers, and magazines. He also penned three books, Ghost Chronicles, More Ghost Chronicles and Ghost a Day and has contributed to countless books by other authors. Ron also is the popular host of Ghost Chronicles Radio, which includes The Ghost Chronicles, Ghost Chronicles Next Generation, and Ghost Chronicles Morning Edition. Ron also shares the knowledge he has accumulated by lecturing at colleges, libraries, and paranormal events. He has taught Paranormal CSI at Northern Essex College and has an active paranormal study group at the Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, Massachusetts.


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