Ghost of a Chance

by Ron Kolek

Tucked away in the woods adjacent to a winding road lies a small cemetery surrounded by an old stone wall. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in town and one of the least known. So why was The New England Ghost Project interested in this cemetery? The legend of course!

It seems that there is a story going around town, that strange things have happened on the road adjacent to this cemetery. As the story goes, while driving on the road late at night, many a traveler have slammed on their brakes to prevent from hitting a woman dressed all in white. The ghostly figure appears out of nowhere, floats across the road, through the stone wall, and disappears into the cemetery. Some have even chased after her, trying to catch her, but to no avail. Is there any truth to this story or is it just another urban myth? We decided to find out.

It was 11 pm, cold and damp when we first set out on our hunt. We set up the cameras, recorders, and thermometers in the cemetery. We found a semi-comfortable spot and settled in. We waited patiently as fewer and fewer cars passed us on the road. Then it happened. A pickup truck passing by slammed on its brakes and came to a halt. What happened? The driver rolled down his window, looked at us and yelled: “Get out of there you perverts or I’ll call the cops”. Luckily we had contacted the police before we had set out on this journey, because as it turned out, he did!

Ghost Walk

As time went by little of nothing happened. It was 3:30am and we decided to leave. We packed up our gear and headed out with a sense of great disappointment. I looked into the rear mirror as we drove away and saw what I thought was a white shape. I slammed on the brakes and turned the car around. We found nothing and I was the only one who saw anything. Was it just wishful thinking or the time of night (or should I say morning)? I wasn’t sure myself.

The vision had become etched in my mind. The thought that we had missed the opportunity to “catch” it stayed with me all week. Finally I could take it no more. I just had to have another crack at it. I convinced another member of the team to accompany me in my quest and we headed back to the cemetery. This time we left most of the equipment at home. Armed with just our cameras and EMF meter, we waited patiently by the old stone wall. We passed the time talking about our past adventures and our future crusades, wondering where it would all lead. It was getting late when I noticed the light on the EMF meter came on briefly. Across the road we noticed what appeared to be a small white cloud. First we thought it was nothing, but then it began to move quickly right towards us. We managed to snap off a few shots as it blew by us and disappeared into the cemetery. Did we get it? Most of the shots didn’t come out. Except for this one. What do you think?

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