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Spirit Quest – The Book of Shadows

This year at Spirit Quest we feature Witchcraft and Ghost Hunting.

Witchcraft is often misunderstood and almost always portrayed as evil. We will delve into its mantra and the acceptance of life after death through its interaction with spirit. Ghost hunting is often ridiculed for what many believe is its use of pseudo-science in searching for the evidence of what the witch already knows; the presence of spirit. Two separate entities, both searching for the same existence of life after death.

Under the guidance of Salem Witch Kelly Spangler, U.K. Ghost Hunter Steve Parsons and a cast of other experts in their field, we will investigate the history, methods, and ideologies of witchcraft and ghost hunting. We scrutinize the connection between the spirit and the earth and the obstacles impeding evidence of its existence.

Spirit Quest will include many workshops exhibits, and presentations including The History of the Salem Witch Trials, Famous U.K. Witch Stories, The Bell Witch Haunting, Spell Casting, Electronic Spirit Communication, a  bonfire, witch’s circle, outdoor ghost hunt, and so much more. There will also be readers and a newly expanded vendor section. Don’t miss out on this exciting event. Get your tickets now!


Spirit Quest 2015 Schedule

Friday, September 18
6:00pm - 7:00pm

Event: VIP Meet and Greet
Free to those purchasing a VIP Pass







Friday, September 18
7:00pm - 10:00pm


Event: Dining with the Dead and Witch's Bonfire
Cost: $49 per person

This year fittingly enough Spirit Quest falls on the Witches holiday of MABON (Autumn Equinox) which we have incorporated into the theme.

On Friday night the first day of Spirit Quest we will open with a blessing denoting the beginning of the Witches holiday of Thanksgiving before the dinner of Chicken Pot Pie. Come in your best costume and win a prize. There is also be other surprises during and after the dinner.Then we will go outside for a witch's bonfire. There we will drum up the spirits and cast a spell for them to appear to be photographed. All during Spirit Quest we will have an altar of remembrance where you can leave messages for ones who have passed which will be read by Kelly Spangler in the closing ceremony.

Chicken pot pie with vegetables
Rice, Rolls and a Beverage
Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert









Saturday, September 19
10:00am – 5:00pm


Event: The Paranormal Experience
Cost: $29 per person

Ye Olde English Witches Steve Parsons

Bell Witch – Ron Kolek

Witching – The art of Dowsing – Lesley Marden & Maureen Wood

The Haunted Witch City Salem Massachusetts – Tim Maguire

Prosperity Spell Casting – Kelly Spangler

Ghost Tech – Christy Parrish

Witch’s Rope -  Roxie Zwicker

See below for more information!









Saturday, September 19
7:00pm - midnight

Event: Blair Witch Ghost Hunt
Cost: $99 per person

Investigate the haunted woods surrounding the Veasey Estate including the aptly named Ghost Trail and the shack in the woods. Witch and Muggle teams compete with each other using equipment and spiritual techniques including night vision and thermal imaging to collect the best evidence. Who will have the best results and more importantly who will survive this chilling night! (Includes Pizza and drinks)







Sunday, Sepember 20
11:00 am – 4:00pm


Event: The Paranormal Experience
Cost: $29 per person

Smart Ghost Hunting – Steve Parsons

New England Witches outside of Salem – Roxie Zwicker

Photographing the Paranormal – Josh Mantello

The Writing Planchette Ron Kolek & Maureen Wood

Famous Witches Graves – Anne Kerrigan

The Witchboard Workshop – Kelly Spangler and Ron Kolek

Voices of the Dead – Helping the Dead to speak Jim Stonier

Closing Ceremonies


Weekend Pass - $139
Save $67 when you buy now!

Featured Presenters

Steve Parsons
One of the UK’s most respected Ghost Researcher. He has appeared on several UK, Canadian, Japanese and U.S. television channels including, National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, and Britain’s hit show Most Haunted.
Ron Kolek
Author, radio host and paranormal investigator. Founder of the New England Ghost Project he has appeared on many television shows including the Emmy winning American Builder special in 2007.
Kelly Spangler is a Salem Witch and Psychic. Founder of Salem Spirit Seekers Paranormal, Kelly has appeared on Travel Channels Ghost Adventures.
Anne Kerrigan is an avid taphophile, Co-Host of Ghost Chronicles and proprietor of Fabulous Face Painting.
Kelly Spangler

Roxie Zwicker is a proliferate New England author and proprietor of New England Curiosities Haunted Tours.

Lesley Marden is a regular everyday wife and mother who recognized at an early age that she was aware of things that other people couldn’t see.
Roxie Zwicker Lesley Marden
Maureen Wood is a fifth-generation psychic trance medium who says she has been able to communicate with spirits since childhood. Paranormal Investigator, who for over 10 years has traveled and investigated private homes, historical locations, and other properties.
Maureen Wood Christy Parrish
Josh Mantello is the Lead Investigator of Berkshire Paranormal and has been investigating claims of hauntings and paranormal activity for over a decade. Tim Maguire is the paranormal investigator and the proprietor of Salem Night Tours.
Josh Mantello Tim Maguire


Kelly Spangler
Roxie Zwicker
Oracle Cards/ Tea Leaves
Anne KerriganHenna Lesley Marden Angel Cards


Witch’s Ladder Roxie Zwicker

Make and take workshop on creating a witch's ladder, in folk magic it is made from knotted cord, that normally constitutes a spell. Charms are knotted or braided with specific magical intention into the cords. The number of knots and nature of charms varies with the intention.  They originated in the 15th century.

Prosperity Spell Casting Kelly Spangler

Everyone dreams of money that grows on trees. What if you could conjure even a small amount to pay that bill or rent? Kelly will show you how to work your magick to do just that. Make your own mojo bag. Let the universe hear your words in a real witches ritual. Everyone has magick within. With the most positive intentions, Kelly's wait time is usually 24 to 48 for results of prosperity spells. With practice and patience, you too can see the same results.

Automatic Writing and Writing PlanchetteMaureen Wood & Ron Kolek

Learn about automatic writing in this hand on workshop. Everyone gets to take a writing planchette home with them.

WitchBoardRon Kolek & Kelly Spangler

Join Kelly and Ron as we explore the Witchboard with a giant replica of the board used in the 1986 cult classic.

Witching The Art of Dowsing and moreLesley Marden & Maureen Wood

Learn Witching or dowsing or just hone your skills, then compete in map dowsing exercise and find the hidden treasure and it is yours to keep!

EVP & the Voices of the Dead - Jim Stonier

Collect and Analyze EVP's and other spirit voice phenomenon. What do they have to say? Join Jim and find out!


The Bell Witch - Ronald Kolek

New England Witches outside of SalemRoxie Zwicker

Ye Olde English Witches –Steve Parsons

Ghost TechChristy J Parrish

Famous Witch Graves – Anne Kerrigan

Smart Ghost Hunting – Steve Parsons

Photographing the Paranormal – Josh Mantello

The Haunted Witch City- Salem MA - Tim Maguire


We now have an agreement with Best Western in Haverhill for rooms for Spirit Quest. To make reservations guests can call 978-373-1511 Ext. 2 and mention they are with the New England Ghost Project group for special rates.

BEST WESTERN Merrimack Valley
401 Lowell Ave | Haverhill | MA | 01832
978-373-1511 | Fax: 978-373-1517


Circles of Wisdom – Books, pendulums, tarot decks, gemstones and crystals and more.

New England Curiosities – Books, mugs, tea, dowsing implements and more

Positively Brilliant – Reiki infused candles

Jewelry by Paula – Hand crafted one of a kind jewelry.

Chantal's Rocks -  Handmade Metaphysical Jewelry, Drowsing Pendulums, Crystal Points, Protections Sets and more

Vendor Table Rental $50

Times, speakers and workshops are subject to change. Check back often for updates.
All Sales are Final.

Veasey Memorial Park
201 Washington Street • Groveland, MA 01834 USA

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