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Spirit Quest Genesis – The Beginning

This year at Spirit Quest we step back in time as we look at the rise of Spiritualism and Ghost Hunting. Two separate methodologies, but both searching for the same goal: proof of the existence of life after death.
Since the first raps and taps used by the Fox Sisters to connect with those who have gone before us, Spiritualists have employed a variety of time worn methods and devices including table tipping, glass swirling, spirit boards, and séances to reach out beyond the veil.
Meanwhile, those of a different mindset, the Ghost Hunter, have drawn upon science and logic to devise mechanical equipment and protocols to further their search for their elusive quarry.
Who is correct? And who has obtained the best results?
Both were riddled with fakery and corruption, often in conflict with each other, but each endured in their search for the ultimate goal: proof of the afterlife.


Spirit Quest 2014 Schedule

Wounded WarriorsHelp for HeroesA portion of every ticket sold goes to the Wounded Warriors programs in the US and UK


Friday, September 19
6:00pm - 7:00pm

Event: VIP Meet and Greet
Free to those purchasing a VIP Pass

Friday, September 19
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Event: Dining with the Dead and Red Light Séance
Cost: $49 per person

Includes prizes and surprises with a touch of magic!

Saturday, September 20
10:00am – 5:00pm

Event: The Paranormal Experience
Cost: $29 per person

Presentations, Workshops featuring Ouija Boards with Robert Murch, Exhibits, Experiments and MORE!!!
Saturday, September 20
7:00pm - midnight

Event: Steam Punk Ghost Hunt
Cost: $99 per person

Includes Pizza and soda and prizes for the best Steam Punk costume, best equipment, and best evidence captured.

Sunday, Sepember 21
11:00 am – 4:00pm

Event: The Paranormal Experience
Cost: $29 per person

Presentations, Workshops, Exhibits, Experiments, Victorian style Spiritualist Gallery Reading and MORE!!!

3-day VIP Pass $149


Featured Presenters

Steve Parsons
Steven WK
Ron Kolek
Robert Murch
Steven Parsons
WSJ’s Gold Standard in Ghost Hunters
Steven WK Scott Scottish Spiritualist Medium
Ronald Kolek
New England’s own VanHelsing
Robert Murch
Ouija Board Expert
Maureen Wood
Steve Gibson Lesley Marden

Maureen Wood

Automatic Writing

The Amazing Viano
Houdini Expert and Escape Artist
Steve Gibson
Medium and Master of Bizaro Magic

Lesley Marden


Daily Events

Friday, September 19 (7:00PM - 10:00PM)

Dining with the Dead and Red-light Séance

Conan Doyle Seance

Enjoy dinner with the “spirits” of the hall. After a short presentation enjoy a Chinese Food dinner with surprises, prizes and even a little magic. After you dine, you will move into the Great Hall and the traditional Red-light séance with medium Steve Gibson where realty, spiritualism and magic intertwine for an amazing evening.

Saturday, September 20 (10:00AM - 5:00PM)

The Paranormal Experience

Opening remarks - we assemble in the Great Hall for an address by Ron Kolek, New England’s own VanHelsing who will introduce you to the special guests, guides, and readers of the day.

Free Styling – You are now free to review the exhibits, shop the vendors, or take part in the many lectures workshops and experiments that are included free with your day pass.

Presentations, Workshops and Exhibits

  • History of Ghost Hunting  - Steven Parsons
  • History of Spiritualism – Steven Scott
  • Harry Houdini and the Paranormal – The Amazing Viano
  • Psychometry Workshop – Steven Parsons and Ron Kolek
  • Spirit Photography
  • Spiritualist Prayer Meeting – Steven Scott
  • The Ouija  and Spirit Board Workshop - Bob Murch
  • Table Tipping Workshop
  • Automatic writing Workshop – Maureen Wood
  • Raudive Diode – Jim Stonier
  • History of Ghost Tech – Steven Parsons
  • The Red Light Séance – Steve Gibson
  • Early Spirit Communication Machines
  • The Spirit Gallery
  • Telepath and Zenner Card Workshop – Steven Parsons and Ron Kolek
  • The D.E.A.D. (Digital Entity Anomaly Detector) Chamber
  • Scrying Workshop – Lesley Marden
  • Spiritualist Mediumship Gallery – Steven Scott

Subject to change
Psychic readings will also be available for an additional charge

Saturday Evening (7:00 PM - midnight)

Steam Punk Ghost Hunt

Steam Punk

Join us at the haunted Veasey Estate when the shadows of the night come alive. In the tradition of Shelley, Byron, Stoker and the masterful Poe, we will bring you back to a time when Jack the Ripper cut his way through the London Fog, ladies and gents spoke with the dead through mediums and séances and Jules Verne, Thomas Edison and Harry Price amaze the world with their visions and inventions.  Through science, spiritualism and magic we will challenge your beliefs as we reach out to the realm of the dead.
The evening begins at 7 PM with pizza and refreshments and continues until midnight. Become part of this mysterious journey by donning your best steam punk attire (optional) and becoming part of this unique ghost investigation using your own or our gadgets and equipment. Prizes will be awarded for best costume, gadget, and evidence collected.


These services will be available at Spirit Quest for an additional charge:

Tarot Reading



Kelly Spangler Henna Ann Kerrigan
Kelly Spangler Anne Kerrigan


Destiny Readings


Tarot Renee Walsh Cards
Renee Walsh

Spiritual Mediumship Sitting

Steven WK   Maureen Wood
Steven Scott Maureen Wood





Distance to Veasey

Guests should ask for: NE Ghost Project - Spirit Quest Room Block

Residence Inn Tewksbury
1775 Andover Street
Tewksbury, MA 01876


CUT-OFF DATE:  Friday, August 29.

Price reduced from $189

Online booking: Residence Inn

$119 15 miles/
25 mintues

Best Western Plus Merrimack Valley
401 Lowell Ave.
Haverhill, MA, 01832


CUT-OFF DATE:  Friday, August 29.

Price reduced from $129

$119 6 miles/
15 minutes

Sonesta ES Suites Andover Boston
4 Tech Drive
Andover, MA  01810


CUT-OFF DATE:  Friday, August 29.

Reservations can also be made by calling our res center at 1-800-SONESTA or the hotel directly at 1-978-686-2000.

Price reduced from $189

Online Booking: Spirit Quest-Sonesta

$129 14 miles/
23 minutes

Times, speakers and workshops are subject to change. Check back often for updates.
All Sales are Final.

Veasey Memorial Park
201 Washington Street • Groveland, MA 01834 USA

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